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LVC 1947 501XX Jeans

So I’ve really been digging the Levi’s Vintage Clothing line— I especially love the cut and fit of the 1947 501’s.  The 47s are typically considered the iconic model jean for Levi’s— it represents the year that the company introduced all of the modern features (slimmer fit, a uniform double-needle stitched Arcuate, red tab, belt loops) and eliminated the pre-war features (cinch, suspender buttons, crotch rivet) permanently. The denim is 12 oz. Cone Mills shrink-to-fit red selvedge denim which becomes 14oz. after its initial contact with water. There is something completely satisfying about owning a pair of classic-fitting jeans manufactured which such precision and detail.  I don’t know why the f*ck people are into overly-embellished, and/or overhyped/overpriced jeans that look like absolute garbage (True Religion, Antik,  Lucky Brand, etc.). As a consumer, there is no need to go so far above and beyond the blueprint.  I don’t need the bells and whistles.  In other words: keep it simple.